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Water Heaters

How important is….

— Hot water to wash your dishes?

— Hot water for your laundry?

— Hot water for bath time fun?

Staying clean, comfortable, and healthy is important. Make sure your water heater can handle your needs.

Water heaters, both tankless and conventional tank systems, are silent heroes of our home and our family. Each day we depend on a water heater providing enough hot water to accommodate all our family’s hot water needs. Especially in a home with children–washing dishes, clothes, and children are often a constant process. With the guidance of our technicians, you can feel confident that your water heater will be working when you need it and at the needed capacity.

The process:

  1. Contact FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company and one of our team members will schedule a visit from a technician.

  2. A professional technician will arrive in a timely manner. Your system will be assessed, and a quote will be given for the project. At FitzGerald, we do not believe in surprises. We will stand by the estimate and plan we have suggested.

  3. Depending on the severity of the project or the complexity of the water heater, the repair/replacement should be completed in a day at most.
  4. Enjoy your hot water!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do plumbers repair/replace water heaters?


When should I replace my water heater?

Water heaters typically have a 6-year warranty. After 6 years, with normal municipal water and yearly maintenance, your water heater might last another year or another 15 years. There are many things that come into play. We suggest replacing at the first sign of a leak, corrosion, or after 10 years.

Can you replace a tank water heater with a tankless?

Yes and no. Most of the time, there is an option to do so. Sometimes, there is not. We usually like to come and evaluate your layout, location, etc. to be certain.

What does it cost to replace a water heater?

The cost depends on size, fuel type, location, etc. There are many options to replace your water heater.

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    Family owned and operated since 1984

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