Close-out Documentation

Finishing a job well is of the utmost importance. After a construction project is complete, there are always procedures to be completed and documentation to be filed. When FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company completes a project, we truly have dealt with everything on our end.

How does close out documentation work?

–From the beginning of the project, we will outline our closeout procedures and provide all appropriate documentation. Since a project is always working with an end goal in mind, the close out process is part of fully completing the project. Our closeout procedures will highlight our cleanup plans as well as indicate a timeline for everything from the clean up to how long we will be on-site to when the billing will be processed. No surprises.

–True professionals leave a site better than when they arrived. Not only will the plumbing be completed, but we will leave your site in pristine condition with only the completed plumbing as evidence of our presence.

FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company promises to be thorough and straightforward throughout every step of the construction process.

The FitzGerald and Sons’ Family Difference

  • Family owned and  operated since 1984

    Family owned and operated since 1984

  • Licensed, insured and bonded

    Licensed, insured and bonded

  • 24 HR Service

    24 HR Service

  • Professional, trustworthy, courteous service

    Professional, trustworthy, courteous service

  • Quality through Craftsmanship

    Quality through Craftsmanship

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