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From the water you drink to your bath water to the water you use to wash your clothes, the quality of your water matters. Filtered is not only safer, but it also tastes better. Instead of stockpiling bottled water, which is expensive and hard on the environment, consider one of the quality water filtration options offered by FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company. We have water treatment options which can improve the quality of your water throughout your home. Water cleansed from harmful contaminants or minerals is also better for your water fixtures and appliances. Investing in treated water will be better for your family’s health as well as the longevity of your home’s appliances and fixtures.

Is Water Filtration Beneficial for Well and Municipal Water?

By using water filtration, softening and U V treatment, we can offer solutions to address everything from the simple removal of taste and odor to to the removal of bacteria or even Radon from your well water.  While it is not generally necessary to use water filtration equipment for municipal water based upon safety, municipal water can have an unpleasant taste or odor since it is basically lake water.  Using certain filter media types, we can safely, easily, and affordably remove the taste and odor.  If you are most concerned with drinking water, since most of the trace toxins in municipal water are not absorbed through the skin by washing and bathing, a “Point-of-Use” reverse osmosis system can provide your family with plenty of 100% pure H2O for drinking water as well as making coffee, tea, and other beverages with absolutely no taste, odor, or toxins.

What Options are Available for Water Treatment?

We proudly sell Safeway Water Systems and Plumber Mate equipment, which are locally stocked and supported.

  • Safeway Water Systems – Using a changeable barrier which captures harmful elements, such as lead, mercury, fluoride, and more, Safeway Reverse Osmosis Water Systems provide clean, pure drinking water and peace of mind.
  • PlumberMate – Whether you are interested in water softening, purified drinking water, or a whole house water filtration system, we have a PlumberMate water solution. We can help you find the right system to suit your needs.

If your water needs to be treated, schedule a consultation with FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company to learn more about your options!

Safeway Water Whole House Filtration SystemsThe Power of Plumbermate Water Softener

Frequently Asked Questions

Is uv water filtration safe?

Yes, it is safe because it does not utilize harsh chemicals or change the natural composition of your water.

What is the difference between distilled water and filtered water?

Distilled water has removed all naturally occurring elements so you should not drink it. Filtered water removes impurities, but it leaves helpful substances, such as calcium and magnesium.

What harmful elements can be removed by filtration system?

Water filtration can remove so many harmful elements, including chlorine, bacteria, lead, unwanted minerals, carcinogens, and salt.

Is boiling tap water the same as filtered water?

Although the boiling process can kill bacteria and disinfect pollutants, it does not entirely remove them. Also, boiling will not remove dissolved solids or heavy metals like water filtration can.

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