Your water heater is the unsung hero of your morning shower. We hardly think about our water heaters until they are not working. If your showers are getting colder and your utility bills are getting higher, your water heater needs a repair or replacement. FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company wants to help you determine the best solution for your water heater. Traditional water heaters generally last 10-15 years before failing and tankless ones last 20 years or more.  Depending on the reason your heater has failed and the age of your unit, a repair may be possible, but you must determine whether repair or replacement makes better fiscal sense. We can help guide your process.

Repair vs. Replacement: Important Questions to Consider

  •       Are You Happy with Your Hot Water? The primary objective of your water heater is to provide sufficient hot water. If you and your family are racing for the showers in the morning because your hot water runs out quickly, you may need to upgrade your water heater. As the system has aged, your water heater may have lost the capability to function at the level you need. We can collaborate with you to determine how much water you really need and if your unit has that capacity anymore. If not, we can recommend the water heater which will best meet your needs.
  •       Have Your Utility Bills Been Gradually Rising? As a water heater ages, the unit will become less efficient. Generally, the unit will slowly deteriorate, so you may not notice the inefficiency right away. Look at your bills over the past year or so and compare. If your water usage has not changed drastically, the numbers should not be considerably different. When your bills show a gradual increase, your water heater is probably on its way out. Your water heater will likely not be performing as well with delivering hot water and costing you more by overworking and running inefficiently. Even if your traditional water heater has not failed yet, replacing your old unit with a more efficient one may be financially smart. Water heater technology has advanced in terms of performance and efficiency significantly over the years. We would be happy to help you explore the best options for long-term savings.
  •       How Much Will A Repair Cost? If your water heater will cost half the price or more of a new one, go with a new one. You will have better performance and efficiency from a new model. You should also consider the age of your water heater when choosing repair vs. replacement. If your model is getting old and likely only has a few years left, your water heater is probably not worth the repair cost, especially if the cost is at least 50% of the cost of a new one.

FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company would be glad to send a technician to evaluate your water heater and offer advice about your next step. We want to keep your shower temperature high and your utility bills low. Schedule today to learn more!