Insurance company statistics and agents will tell you that claims from water damage are not only frequent but expensive. Not to mention, that there will be damage to irreplaceable items, furniture, artwork, etc. Being proactive with your leak detection can save you considerable money and hassle by skipping catastrophic water damage. There are many leak detection products on the market, and FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company is happy to be able to offer a couple of them to our customers.

The first one we will introduce is the Protect by Leak Smart system. You can access more information by clicking the button. This system offers complete home water protection, automatic shut off in 5 seconds, leak protection 24/7, and “smart” technology to monitor your water usage and notify you of out-of-the-ordinary usage or deviations from the normal usage pattern.

Protect by Leak Smart utilizes sensors, (3 are included with the kit), that can be placed anywhere in the home. There are also singular application options for washing machines, ice maker connections, and water heaters.

In a nutshell, if a leak occurs, the sensors recognize the leak and within 5 seconds they will shut off the water to the whole house, or the individual appliance, depending on the system you choose. An alert will be sent to your phone via the app so that you can see what is happening in real time.

The second system is by StreamLabs.  This system is also “smart”.  It records your daily activity for several days and develops an algorithm of your usage that it then monitors.  It will send information to your cell phone alerting you of excessive water usage or abnormal water usage.  It will automatically shut off the water and the valve can be activated remotely through the app as well.  It can be set up to do automatic leak checks on a regular basis and will send that data to your app.  

There are many more benefits to both of the leak detection systems as you can see by looking at the additional information provided. If you are interested, FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company would be happy to set up an appointment and find the best solution for you.