Whether you have well water, city, or county water, you may be surprised by the contaminants that can be present. Although there are governmental standards, the water is still not free from impurities. Whole house water treatment is beneficial for your family regardless of the source of your water. At FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company, we provide a variety of water treatment options to help you access clean water. The cleanliness of your water is important for your health and your appliances.

  •       Enjoy Safer Drinking Water—Your city or county water likely has traces of heavy metals, arsenic, chlorine, and even fluoride. Well water can have many of the same contaminants as municipal water minus the fluoride. Often, well water can have levels of bacteria low enough to be undetected, but high enough to be a hazard. Testing is always a good idea, but since well water is subject to change with no apparent cause, it can be clean one week and contaminated the next.  A water treatment system specifically designed for the water you have will give you healthy, clean, reliable, soft, and safe water for all your water consumption needs. Customers often comment that their water tastes better than ever after adding a customized water treatment system.
  •       Take Healthier Baths and Showers—Consuming contaminated water is obviously bad. Chlorine from your water can also cause skin irritation. A whole house treatment system is typically installed where the water enters the home. Whether you are brushing your teeth, taking a bath, grabbing a sip of water, or washing dishes, you are supplied with clean water.
  •       Maximize the Lifespan of Your Plumbing, Appliances, and Fixtures—Your appliances, plumbing, and fixtures are not designed to filter your contaminated water. They need clean water to operate properly and reach their proper lifespans. Hard water deposits can build up in your pipes and cause problems. Softened water will reduce buildup and wear and tear on fixtures, piping, and appliances. You should not have to suffer the cost of prematurely replacing these things based upon your water quality.
  •       Save Money and the Environment—Bottled water is costly for you and the environment. Treated and filtered water is far more affordable than repeatedly purchasing bottled water. Beyond your personal expense, water bottles are a serious concern for the environment. Water bottles are filling up landfills and they take a long time to break down. If those two reasons are not enough, the plastic bottles can contain contaminants and infuse them into the water inside the bottle. Filtered water is safe, cheap, and green.

You should not have to wonder how clean your water is in your home. Learn more about our water filtration options on our website at https://fitzgeraldplumbing.com/services/water-filtration/ or call FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company at 770-766-8531. We want to help you enjoy the benefits of clean water today!