Over 60 million plastic water bottles end up in landfills and incinerators daily, which adds up to over 22 billion bottles annually. Although some people choose to recycle, only 23% of plastic bottles are actually recycled. Not only are water bottles problematic for our environment, but bottled water may be hurting your budget way more than you anticipate. Bottled water may not expensive when you are purchasing it at the store, but you will spend over 600 times more on bottled water vs. tap. Although tap water can get a bad rap for not tasting good, with a water filtration system, your water can taste great and be free from harmful contaminants. At FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company, we can install a water filtration system to suit your family’s needs. If you are considering a water filtration, here are a few factors worth exploring:

Testing Your Water—If you have public water, your water is already being tested to ensure that it meets the state and federal regulations for safety. When your family has well water, routine testing is important and highly recommended by the EPA. Your water could become contaminated by fuel, pesticides, waste, or a chemical spill near your water supply. Taste, color, odor, and stained fixtures are the most obvious signs that your water may have a quality problem. If you need help with analyzing your water, we would be glad to help. We can evaluate pH and mineral content as well as look for harmful contaminants.

Evaluate Your Needs—Your water filtration needs can be determined by your water quality as well as your usage and consumption. We offer whole house filtration systems, which not only prioritize better drinking water, but also supplying your appliances with quality water to preserve their longevity. Although whole house filtration may seem like a big investment, all the benefits and savings from preserving your appliances and fixtures can be well worth it for many homeowners. If drinking water is the only priority, we have several filtration options which are just focused on this need. Whether you want a whole house system or a reverse osmosis sink filter, our team of professionals will help you achieve excellent water quality.

Schedule a Consultation with FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company—With a variety of quality water filtration systems available, such as Plumber Mate Water Systems and Safeway R. O. Systems, it can be difficult to select the best system for your home. Our trained professionals will help you evaluate your water quality, assess your water needs, and implement a water solution which suits your needs and budget.

Before you lug another massive case of water home from the store, talk to our team about how you can save money, enjoy the taste of your water, and help the environment through water filtration systems. Call to schedule your consultation with FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company today!