Regardless of whether the forecast is below freezing, rain in the wintertime can be problematic for your pipes and home. If you have a sump pump for drainage in your crawlspace or basement and it is not functioning properly, you could experience water damage.   At FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company, we want to help you be pro-active so when rain comes, winter or summer, you will be at ease. Your sump pump is supposed to protect your home from accumulating water, which could lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and fungus. More homeowners think of preparing their sump pump for the endless storms of summer, but your sump pump needs to be ready for rain in every season.

  • Inspect—Take a look at your sump pump and make sure that it is plugged in properly to a GFCI outlet in good condition.
  • Clear—Locate your sump pump’s discharge pipe and vent. Once you find it, make sure that it is clear of any debris. Your sump pump will be forced to work harder than needed if there is a clogged discharge line. Next, find the intake screen and sump pit and inspect them for debris as well. If it is all clear, overflowing should not be an issue.
  • Check The Pump Function—The float must be able to go up and down or your sump pump will not turn on. You should make sure that the float is in good condition and not bent so your sump pump will click on as intended.
  • Test—Next, check to make sure you see the water being released away from your home properly. It’s good to periodically take a bucket of water or a hose and fill the pit or basin and make sure the pump is working properly. A good time to do this is during a period of no rain.  The pump should come on before the pit or basin gets full and shut off at a low level, all automatically.
  • Check Battery Backup—Some sump pumps are equipped with backup batteries to keep your water draining properly. When you check the battery if it is older than 3 years old, go ahead and have it replaced.


If your sump pump is not working properly, it is much better to discover this before damage can be done to your home. Go ahead and check on yours today to be ready for the next rain. Our team at FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company is standing by to help with any sump pump concerns and questions.